IT outsourcing: Java, С#/С++, .NET, Python, JavaScript, React, Go

IT outsourcing: Java, С#/С++,
.NET, Python, JavaScript, React

Software Consultancy Company solving complex challenges with technology

We help our clients to connect strategy and execution to ensure core technology works as business enabler, scale with flexibility and create seamless digital experiences. We partner with our clients to continuously evolve their tech and enable an adaptive mindset to meet their business goals.

Software development for highload projects with complex logic is our primary focus. It is in this segment where cutting edge technologies make their way into front-line production; where cybersecurity is an integral part of development; where in-depth skills and expertise are required from both the developers and all other roles involved in product delivery.

Our team is built from professionals with 20+ years of experience working with top global financial services companies.

Experience in Fintech, Legaltech, Edtech and Proptech.

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Java, С#/С++, Python, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, React, iOS, Android, CRM, ERP

< how we work >

Discuss project's goals and tasks with the client > engage competent programmers. Quick start (from 1 business week)

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Enterprises, medium sized businesses, startups, investors with the need to quickly find a solution for software development.

Service ITQuick

New project software development

We develop projects according to the customer’s needs. You owe the copyright for the final product.
1. We specify technical enquiry.
2. We define and adjust the programmers team, terms and conditions.
3. We sign the contract.
4. We bring up the project until it is completed.
5. We maintain the project if needed.

Strengthening your team

It usually happens the job is needed to be done in time, but you are short of people. We help you to handle it. Our team up to 8 people can join your project immediately. Quick response is one of our key competences.

Team replacement

It happens your team is needed to be changed or replaced. Reasons: people are not qualified enough and/or you don’t have experience in managing software developers team. Such replacement arises additional risks, costs and documentary difficulties. We solve this issue with our effective methods and trusted techniques. Before you pass the project to our outsource we register the current project status, adjust the technical auditing, make plan of the further steps and start working.


Company founders

Aleksandr Seldemirov

Aleksandr Seldemirov


18+ years of experience in data system and software engineering.

Damir Nigmatyanov

Damir Nigmatyanov


20+ years Strategy and Consulting Top Banks, Oil&Gas.

Dmitry Shishkin

Dmitry Shishkin


22+ years of experience in data system and software engineering.

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Все выполняемые нами проекты являются сложными и требуют высокой квалификации.


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Our team is built from professionals with 20+ years of experience in top Global and Russian financial services companies. We invite you to put our expertise to the test




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