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Surprising Benefits of Advanced CRM Technology

Surprising benefits that aren’t immediately noticed or expected, are measured using "soft" criteria. These invaluable yet unimagined benefits that a superior CRM can perform does, indeed, add very special advantages for your company: they increase efficiency, add to end-user and company staff happiness, and enhance the reputation of your business.

Expect These Very Special Benefits from Creatio’s CRM

1. A fully functioning business organization

Consider measuring the time spent looking for needed information versus time spent utilizing information and getting on with your job. It is wasteful the large amount of time sales personnel spend on administrative tasks that should be automated and simplified, or the excess number of hours new sales agents spend getting oriented and building momentum in new territory. And, this is just the sales department!

2. Increase employee motivation and satisfaction

While this may be difficult to measure, consider soliciting feedback from the employees who use CRM. An alternative measurement is the employee turnover rate for those who use the CRM system. As you bring on younger technology savvy staff they will be demanding the latest technology in your CRM tools.

3. More professional and skilled sales, marketing, and customer service agents.

CRM provides outstanding training for personnel to learn specific figures about your company’s products and services, built directly into the system. To determine the value of this benefit, an executive might measure how readily sales personnel can access pertinent and associated facts and figures, as well as implement requisite sales and business procedures.

4. True integration of mobile device access to all

The obvious advantage that field personnel who use the CRM apps on their mobile devices have would be the equivalent of having a mobile office in the palm of their hands. How can this not be a huge time saving and revenue generating advantage?

5. More up-to-date information and easy access to this information

The latest information and easy access are subjective measurements made by end-users. To appreciate this benefit, be sure to measure the speedy accessibility of needed data based on end-user standards. With information made so easily available, the satisfaction cannot be understated!

6. Improved response time and quality to customer and prospect inquiries and requests

Link a go-to manager, sales representative, or customer service representative to each request and operate until the request is resolved. To realize this benefit, which improves customer service, measure the time it takes to respond fully and to a customer’s or prospect’s satisfaction. 

7. Your company can be a shining star!

Automation in building your company's image in the eyes of your customers is no longer an option, especially in these days of pandemics, financial uncertainty and geopolitical instability. To recognize this benefit, think about using a poll to rate the reaction of existing and future buyers to your sales and marketing’s newfound efficiency and professionalism.

8. Have your company stand apart and above from the competition

Industry analysts examine and positively rate the competitive advantage resulting from CRM. Do your own research by measuring the improved customers’ perception of your company’s performance versus that of your competitors.

9.  Safeguard company sales and customer service data when organizational change(s) occur within your organization

When a salesperson leaves the company, do the relationship and other important personal details remain in the company’s hands, or do they leave when the salesperson does? Wouldn’t it be better if it’s part of your CRM system? To determine this benefit, consider measuring the time lost training new sales and customer service personnel and the setback caused by a new rep having to learn anew the important traits of existing customers and prospects.

10. Improved understanding and better control over expenses

CRM can assist with financial control, assuming sales, marketing and customer care expenses are attributed to individual sales personnel and /or accounts. To realize this advantage, consider calculating expense per sales and marketing personnel and/or per account.

11. Business Process Automation and Task Assignment Control

Comprehensive task assignment and process management control makes Creatio a Total Business Control platform. With Creatio’s low-code/no-code advantage, it wouldn’t be always necessary to obtain the services of an IT professional to customize parts of the system. 

12. Move to One Total-Control System vs. multiple stand-alone systems that don’t inter-communicate

Yet, when larger integration between systems to One System Control seems utopian, and with most companies seeing it only as a dream, Creatio is setup to allow for this and ITQuick, Inc., has the IT team to bring it to reality!

It doesn’t have to be explained how wasteful it is to have to work with multiple systems throughout the company that don’t communicate with each other or with a Master Control platform. And, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that not having a cohesive way to coordinate all of these processes into one total-control dashboard creates immense waste in terms of time and money. With Creatio, you can realize the power of full integration, saving countless amounts of hours and wasted dollars!.

Why hire and pay to have your own IT team to take care of occasional technical needs, when you can offshore/outsource senior IT developers at a lower than competitive prices from the very same team that brought you the best CRM on the market today?

Contact us to inquire as to how we can streamline your business, completely, and in totality, and begin to realize the rise in profitability for having done so. We will be happy to tell you more about it! Thank you.