KICKICO – ICO, crowd funding and crowd investing

    ICO fundraising platform, crowdfunding and crowdfundingGoal: Development of an account module, transactions and dashboard system using Blockchain technology.

    Action Media – the largest media holding

    Project architecture, development. Implementation of functionalities of internal and external customer productsGoals

    WINPAY – a payment system

    A system for incoming and outgoing payments, as well as complex billing solutions.

    ITOPCASE – a system integrator

    Development of a user-friendly corporate management system for the state customer

    RUBIKE – mobile app for bike rental in Russian Federation

    Goal: Transfer of previous contractor’s development results to the customer’s server.

    WHATSHELP – SMM tool

    Change of architecture, refactoring of working code in order to ensure processing of 7000 requests per second


    Scrap companies software developmentGoal: development of a software for scrap companies buying secondary raw materials from individuals, aiming to increase transparency of the business by keeping records of scrap, client, and replace uncontrolled cash transactions with wire transfersTask


    Development of a Unified Frontal System.

    InLavka – Interior store federal chain

    Refinement of the highly loaded site, organization of the project repository in GitHub, implementation of a professional development process


    NetPoliceInfo - for parents and children


    WalletOne is one of the largest instant international payment systems in the Russian Federation

    BIMLIB – платформа BIM-контента

    Digital Library Management and BIM Content Exchange Platform