IT outsourcing: Java, С#/С++, .NET, Python, JS, React, Go, Blockchain


Change of architecture, refactoring of working code in order to ensure processing of 7000 requests per second Tasks:

  • queue unloading (service refactoring - to exclude reconnection for each request, replacing requests through queues with requests via the http interface, transferring part of the queues from rabbitmq to redis)
  • unloading queries to the database (refactoring services to exclude reconnection for each query, narrowing the number of services that need data from the database);
  • creating a limiter that limits the number of requests to social networks;
  • the transition from creating a whole set of services for one user to single services for all users;
  • removing unnecessary services and combining them into one
  • speeding up queries from UI
  • Elimination of message loss during queue drop.

Other cases