IT outsourcing: Java, С#/С++, .NET, Python, JavaScript, React, Go


Customer: Poligrafoformlenie-FLEXO

Goal: creating an Optimizer application for processing the incoming flow of orders (designs) and automating the process of layout of designs on the shaft, by analyzing the compatibility of various parameters.

The process is aiming at:

  • Optimization of experts' involvement time
  • Reaping the maximum benefit by selecting the optimal layout of designs on the shaft
  • Costs / materials reduction


  • Processing the incoming flow of designs.
  • Analysis of the compatibility of the designs.
  • Providing optimal layout options for designs on the shaft.
  • Entering adjustments and sending them for approval.
  • Saving layout options.

Technology stack: Java, React

Project time frame: june 2020 - august 2020

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