IT outsourcing: Java, С#/С++, .NET, Python, JS, React, Go, Blockchain

NetPolice Info

Objectives: Debugging, linking, and algorithms optimization for mobile application for parental control of children's use of the Internet
Technology stack: Java Script, Mobile Development for Android
Project period: 2019
Team: a Project supervisor, 2 Front-end developers, a Back-End developer and a mobile developer

NetPolice Info is a project dedicated to the safety of children on the Internet. More specifically, it is about creating an application that helps parents monitor their child's online behavior without being blocked.

Inappropriate content, how to protect children from it? One option is to ban it! Limit the number of sites available and the time of use. This will reliably protect your child, but there is one BUT. It will not help to develop correct behavior. If your children never encounter dangerous content, they simply won't know how to react to it if they do face it. NetPolice Info is designed to give the parent a detailed report on the child's activities on the Internet, the time spent on this or that site, and the actions performed on that site. NetPolice Info maps the interests of the child. On the basis of the received data it is possible to talk with the child about the risks, safe behavior. As one of the vectors of the platform development, psychologist involvement was considered in difficult cases, when the parents can’t alone cope with it themselves. 

The project was implemented on a mobile platform. Large chunks of code had been developed, but the client lost the developer. And the client didn't know what to do in case of problems.  In general, it was impossible to release the application to a large pilot zone in such conditions. So our task included debugging, linking, optimizing, and embedding Google analytics. In general, we performed sort-of outpatient treatment: a problem arises, the client contacts us, we fix it. All-in-all, four experts were engaged in the project from our side: two Front-end developers, one Back-End and one mobile developer, plus the curator.

There were a lot of small tasks, we solved them quickly, and worked in this mode throughout 2019. In 2020 the project was launched!


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