IT outsourcing: Java, С#/С++, .NET, Python, JavaScript, React, Go

ITQuick - Offshore (outsourcing) software development

FinTech, Mobile Apps are our primary focus. It is in this segment where cutting edge technologies make their way into front-line production, where cybersecurity is integral part of development, where in-depth skills and expertise are required form both developers and all other roles involved in product delivery.
Our team is built from professionals with 20+ years of experience in top Global and Russian financial services companies. We invite you to put our expertise to the test

< technologies >

Java, С#/С++, Python, .NET, PHP, Dbs, JavaScript, React, iOS, Android, CRM, ERP

< how we work >

Discuss project's goals and tasks with the client > engage competent programmers. Quick start (from 1 business week)

< our clients >

Enterprises, medium sized businesses, startups, investors with the need to quickly find a solution for software development.

Company history

Company founded in 2017. From the beginning we are office-less working effectively in a fully distributed model. Key markets: Russia and USA. Founders are from Moscow.


Sr level developers


Projects per year

in 3-6 months

MVPs delivered

Company founders

Aleksandr Seldemirov


18+ years of experience in data system and software engineering.

Damir Nigmatyanov


20+ years Strategy and Consulting Top Banks, Oil&Gas

Dmitry Shishkin


22+ years of experience in data system and software engineering in USA and Russia.

Сustomers ITQuick

Все выполняемые нами проекты являются сложными и требуют высокой квалификации.